by Shame Loud Band

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Silly you Get horny Silly you Play harder Silly you Scream louder Silly you! Lay down and stand I’d rather disband Tie back your hands Just feel my breath Kinky you Dive on me Silly you Taste of me Kinky you It flows down you Silly you Come catch my hand Take into your lands You’re wet, unchained Let’s do it again
Too many words I talk to myself Too many things I’ll say to myself Silence Silence Silence Breathe it Breathe it Breathe in
Hate, hate An Excuse is what I want Lies, lies Illusion is what I seek Blame, blame Oh my that's a shame Dark, dark Harmony is so far Snake, snake Slide along my wake Fake, fake Black is my mind Kill, kill Kill the enemies War, war Black is the rain
Come, take my hand Unmanned Come, hold my hand Withstand Withstand Withstand A place to stand I will A crown unplanned And Withstand Withstand Withstand
My wings are stronger now I can fly and go up and down I'm diving in my dreams Please don't wake me up, I want to sleep Running higher I grab the stars Playing the comet Playing the comet Playing the comet Hey my friend, don't stop my dream Hey my friend, please come with me Take my hands, it's all for free You don't have to be, afraid of me
One million spiders They Weave one million graves So many empty spaces They're writing the owner's name I am changed I'm too late I am changed I'm betrayed The door was opened You know what happened to me No milk, no water, Rotten food I want I am changed I'm too late I am changed I'm betrayed
My life is paint gold and gray A green portrayal of my fear Don’t run away I miss your grace Don’t run away I miss your grace I’m barking loud, could you hear? I’m your best friend, why d’you leave? Don’t run away I miss your grace Don’t run away I miss your grace I will complain sick of my pain I will complain I miss your grace
Thrown away anyway thrown away was my faith By the way by the way did you care what’s my name? Hideaway overpaid turned to pain but…what’s my name?
Naked empire Old life backfired Eyes open wide Ditched my pride pussy & tears pussy & tears pussy & tears wasting time was a crime 40 days I’ve left the cave


mixed by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio in Seattle
released on November 11th
artwork by Photocoyote


released November 11, 2018


all rights reserved



Shame Loud Band Milan, Italy

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